Cannabis Seed Germination Guide

3 to 7 days from sprouted cannabis seeds!

Scandinavian Grow Show are proud to offer you the highest germination guarantee in the scandinavian industry. SGS guarantees that at least 90% of your seeds will germinate. If they by any chance don’t, SGS will always send new seeds for free*. We always provide SGS customers with high quality seeds and they have all been tested to have a germination rate of at least 90%. Scandinavian Grow Show advise you to germinate every seed you have bought from us, regardless of size, color etc etc.

To be covered by the SGS germination guarantee, you must follow the guide below.


  1. Put your seeds in a glass of water (distilled, rain or spring). Soak your seeds for maximum 18 hours. They will sink to the bottom of the glass within the first hours. If they don’t sink, just push them nicely to the bottom.
  2. At the end of the soaking time, pour the water and seeds on a piece of paper towel on a plate, and drain off any left over water.
  3. Fold the wet piece of paper towel over the seeds so they get completely covered, place the plate in a warm, dark space.
  4. Keep the paper wet during your germination time. Check your seeds a couple of times a day,while waiting for the taproot to develop.
  5. The seeds are ready to grow when the taproot is 0,5 – 1,5 cm long. This takes between three and seven days, but it can take up to two weeks sometimes.

Please note: The SGS Guarantee is only valid for seed germination. Because of the human and natural factors being involved in the growing process our guarantee can’t replace any problems with the plants growth after the following germination. Follow the instructions below to have the right for our germination guarantee.

Germination Process for Cannabis Seeds

Germination is the first step of the growth process for your seeds. If your seeds germinate successfully, they should grow healthy cannabis plants. Cannabis seeds need three things in order to germinate:


When the taproot is free of the seed shell, it must have water in order to develop.


Plant roots are buried beneath the soil, this first tiny root needs darkness to develop growth.


Cannabis roots develop best when they are kept warm, around 20 – 24 degrees Celsius.


Extended Information

You will need a couple of things that you probably already have to start the water/glas/paper process.

  • Piece of paper towel with no chemicals or perfumes, unbleached
  • Distilled or spring water (bottled), or rain water. (We cannot guarantee successful germination in tap water.)
  • A glass, about 2,5 dl in size
  • A plate
  • Tweezers (don’t touch with your fingers)

Step One

Follow the “5 seed max”rule! This is an example of the wrong way.

Fill water (20-25 degrees Celsius) in the glass. Remove your seeds from the package and put them in the water.

Caution: Never put more than 5 seeds in every glass. Use a new glass and a piece of paper towel for every 5 seeds you germinate.

When the seeds have been in the glas for a few hours, they will sink to the bottom. If that doesn’t work, hit the seed on the top with your finger or tweezers and that should make them sink to the bottom.

If the seeds don’t sink, leave them for 1-2 hours more then try again.

When the seeds sink, let them rest in a warm and in a dark room/space for about 14-18 hours.

Warning: The cannabis seeds should not be in the glass for more than 18 hours.

Step Two

After 14 to 18 hours:

Place the folded piece of paper towel on the plate and pour the seeds included water on the plate. The paper towel should soak up the water and still be wet. Take away any excess water on the plate. Put the seeds across the paper using tweezers. This keeps the taproots from getting stuck with each other as they grow. Fold the paper towel over the seeds, so the seeds are covered. Do not press the paper towel, just place it gently over the seeds.

Step Three

Put the plate with the seeds in a dark place with room temperature. Keep the paper towel wet while the seeds are germinating. Water can be sprayed over the plate when needed. How much water you’ll need for this step will depend on the humidity level of your room. Check the paper towel now and then to make sure it still moist.

Step Four

This seed have a nice and healthy taproot.

The seeds will take up to 7 days to develop a good taproot and some seeds could take as long as 2 weeks. Your SGS seeds are ready to plant when the taproot is between 0,5 – 1,5 cm long. Check the seeds a couple of times a day. Check the taproot, but never touch the new growth with your fingers.

Important: You are no longer eligible for our SGS germination guarantee if you do not follow this guide precisely in every step.
There are a number of alternatives why your seeds may not germinate, even if you follow the guide above. Because of seeds being a 100% natural product, it is impossible to guarantee that every seed we sell will germinate.




If your cannabis seeds don’t germinate, it is possible that…

  • The room is too warm or too cold
  • The paper towel dried out too much, or there was too much water on the plate
  • The seeds were not wet long enough
  • The water had too many chemicals
  • The seeds are no longer viable (if you bought them months or years ago)

If you followed this guide precisely and your seeds didn’t germinate, try this “old school” advice before giving up: Put the seeds back in a cup of water. Let the seeds soak until they crack open and the taproot is visible. Then continue from Step Two.


*The cost of the replacement cannabis seed(s) is covered by Scandinavian Grow Show. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Please contact us for shipping costs. Cannabis seeds bought more than 60 days before the complaint have no longer the right for the SGS Guarantee.

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