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Let's be honest, Scandinavia has not always really been the place to be when you are working in the cannabis industry. We left Sweden many years ago in the pursuit of our dreams, to create a cannabis community and platform that could connect people around the world. We found our slice of paradise in the beautiful Canary Islands (Tenerife), where we started the first Scandinavian cannabis club combined with a small grow shop. We made it our mission to learn and to educate as much as we could about all the aspects of cannabis. Through the S.G.S social club, worldwide events and festivals we met so many amazing people who are really making a difference in this industry, the S.G.S family grew to become the cannabis community we had always dreamt of. In 2017 we decided that it was time to take all the knowledge that we had learnt through the years and bring it back to Scandinavia with the desire of making a difference. We have seen the solution across the world, how legalizing cannabis reduces violence and criminality. How it gives people jobs and how it medically saves peoples lives. Today we are one of the fastest growing seed banks in Scandinavia. We are working with breeders around the world to ensure that we offer some of the finest genetics available on the Nordic market. We always source for the highest quality, premium seeds. All our seeds have been thoroughly tested to ensure genetics and to check viability. Therefore, we offer you one of the best germination guarantees in the industry. We work as hard as possible to bring you the best possible germination guarantee. We would like to take this opportunity to give a big shout out to all the people who are suffering due to the cannabis rules and regulations in Scandinavia today. It is because of you that we find this battle worth fighting for! People have been using and cultivating cannabis for thousands of years, and regardless of goverment restrictions mary jane will continue to be cultivated and loved.

Customer Service

We value our customers and believe in great personal contact that creates a strong and long lasting relationship. Not only do we deliver you great products, we guide you with facts and the most popular news and reports. SGS always keeps smokers & growers satisfied


S.G.S stock a variety of seeds that produce premium cannabis strains, We take great pride in providing you with only the finest genetics available. This allows us to support a diverse community of growers, who experience a wide range of benefits from our high quality products.

Reward Cash

Every time you shop with us, we’ll send you a confirmation on your cash earned, its really that simple. When you register with SGS you will start earning Reward cash straight away. You can then use these to get money off your next order or build them up to receive some other products.
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