Become an Affiliate

Bloggers and website owners can become affiliates with Scandinavian Grow Show, earning money simply by providing a special link to their readers.

How It Works

1. You can generate a unique link to our site.
2. You include this link in your web page, blog post, or email newsletter.
3. If one of your readers follows this link and purchases the product, within 7 days, you receive a commission from that sale.

The Process

When one of your visitors clicks on the affiliate link you provided, they are redirected to our website. At this time, a cookie is saved with information, allowing us to note what they may choose to purchase while visiting our website.

If this visitor chooses to place an order, their order is logged as a sale through you. Once we have reviewed and approved the sale, you will receive your commission payment.

Your Commission

Each time someone follows an affiliate link from your site and makes an approved purchase, 20% of that sale will be added to your S.G.S account.

Example Sales Volume Your Commission
Peter buys 1 pack of Medical Cannabis Seeds 79 kr 15.60 kr
Jessica buys 2 packs of Feminized Cannabis Seeds 118 kr 23.60 kr
Henrik buys 3 packs of Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds 147 kr 29.40 kr
Nordic Grow Shop buys 100 Feminized Cannabis Seeds 2700 kr 540 kr

Once your balance reaches 2000 kr, you will receive a payout of the total balance in your account. If your commission is less than 2000 kr, your balance will simply carry over to be paid out when the balance reaches 2000 kr.

Cookie Duration

When we log your customers’ IP address, we use cookies to identify them. This tracking method remains in place for 7 days following their first visit. That means as long as your customer places an order within this period of first following your affiliate link, you will receive a commission for the sale.

It’s easy to become an affiliate with Scandinavian Grow Show.
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